Groomers Harness for Professionals

The Groomers Harness is the
Anchor Pet Grooming Harness!

Dog Grooming Harness
Pet Grooming Harness

Pet Grooming Harness

The Anchor Pet Grooming Harness was designed for the pet grooming professional to keep pets safe and comfortable during a visit to the salon. Award Winning Certified Master Groomer, Suzanne Grande NCMG, designed the Groomers Harness.

Dog Grooming Harness
Dog Grooming Harness For Small and Medium Size Pets.

Suzanne specializes in working with small dogs, many times these small dogs have issues with Collapsing Tracheas or Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome . Pets with these health concerns should never have a collar around their neck.

Suzanne tried to find a pet grooming harness to assist her with these dogs, after searching worldwide, she found none, so she created the Anchor Pet Grooming Harness.

Suzanne has been using the prototype of the Groomers Harness for since 2013. During this time, she realized the benefits of the Groomers Harness far exceeded her expectations. The Groomers Harness is a valuable tool in training unruly pets. Breakthroughs in gaining a difficult pets trust are accomplished very quickly, because the restraints are not threatening to the pet.

Suzanne with her pet Amadeus.

The Groomers Harness helps to steady older pets, and keeps wiggly puppies on the table and in the tub. Once you use the Anchor Pet Grooming System, you will never want to go back to using a neck restraint.

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The Groomers Harness
Saves Lives!
Too many dogs are dying at the groomers! Pets with Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome and Collapsing Trachea should not have a collar or noose put on at the groomers.
Pets also die at the groomers from neglect. The groomer should never walk away from a pet on the table or in the tub.
The Groomers Harness protects pets by the use of a true harness instead of any type of collar or noose around the dogs throat.

As a National Certified Master Groomer. Suzanne Grande NCMG has proven her skills in pet grooming winning multiple awards at National Dog Groomers assoc. competitions in all breed groups. She has been grooming professionally in Tampa for over 30 years, and has owned and operated her salon for over 20 years. Our groomer has groomed over 250 Champion dogs, including Westminster and National Championship Winners!

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